Thursday, February 16, 2006

torture for Americans only

there are new pictures from Abu Ghraib (from 2003) that have just been released. i would like to say, for the record, i am against torture and the mistreatment of prisoners, especially political prisoners. we do not know what these Iraqi men have been accused of. we do not know why they are being mistreated (for information or for show or for some sick fun?).
i would like to say that NO ONE deserves that kind of treatment, but i honestly don't believe it. some men deserve that kind of treatment and worse. child molesters, rapists and husbands and boyfriends that abuse their wives and girlfriends. people that torture animals. serial killers. no amount of jail time will take away the pedophiles sick desires but jail time with a little something thrown in....maybe. scare the living shit out of them and maybe they'll get it. treat them as badly as they have treated their victims. chemical castration and a little vacation to Bruno the Sodomites secluded cell just might make them see the error of their ways.
just a thought.

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