Monday, February 20, 2006

fuck off, Dr Howdy!

someone signed me up for the totally asinine Thoughts and Humour by Howdy newsletter. who ever did this, you had better NEVER sign me up for ANYTHING ever again! the freakin' moron, Dr Howdy, left a weird poem-thing as a comment on one of my blog posts. do not click on his profile...this may have automatically signed me up, if someone else didn't do it. i don't know how these things work, but this is totally unwanted. what can i do about it other than unsubscribing? and who the hell calls ITself Dr Howdy? listenening to too much Twisted Sister? watched the Exorcist one too many times? this has really fucked up my afternoon.
okay, so now i HATE:
James Frey
Ulli Lommel
Dr Howdy
sending waves of hatred....oooooo....aaaaaaa......wwwwhhhhaaaaammmmooooooo!
getting some really good hate here.

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