Saturday, February 25, 2006

and still reading...

Area 51: The Mission by Robert Doherty. still reading the series. this episode takes place in the Bolivian rainforest. earth is being threatened by a resurgence of the Black Death...which, of course, was an alien infliction. everything and everyplace is "alien" made/built in these novels. apparently, we humans accomplished nothing without alien help. some ufologists believe this as well. i, for one, believe humans built the pyramids and were solely responsible for all the beautiful architecture and historical places and lost civilizations. (though, maybe the aliens had a 4 fingered hand at making us "lost). we have lost the technologies we once had. while we have newer technologies now, i don't think we, as a species, are more intelligent. we just have faster, smaller, gizmos and things. we still cannot replicate the Great Pyramid.

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