Tuesday, February 21, 2006

postage, anyone?

when i walked into work at 2pm today, i was greated by my frazzled coworkers from every department (except the director, of course). every one of them told me the day was hell. HELL. the director told us all last week we would be 'dead' so start training for the new system. right.
i walked in on a weird transaction. seems this one patron, a female oddball who wears this god awful fur hat with earflaps and a chin tie, wanted to buy a couple of Book Sale books for 25 cents each but she had no money. we have a loose policy about book sale...if you don't have the money with you, we will hold the books for you for 3 days, just like we hold patron's reserved items. we will not 'run a tab' by adding the amount of the books to their library card. one has nothing to do with the other. this woman did not want to come back. she wanted the books NOW. she asked if she could 'put it on my tab' (patrons also try to use this method for printouts and they say the same thing. like we are a bar. i see no liquor here. we took care of that a long time ago. *hic*). so, we tell her, again, that we will be glad to hold the books and then she asks, with a straight face, "will you take a stamp for them?" my cocircworker cocked her head and said, "um...a postage stamp?" so, this is the first thing i hear and i start quietly chuckling. yes, the woman wanted to pay for two books with postage stamps. the answer was NO. when the woman walked away, my coircworker shrugged up her shoulders and said, "what the hell am i supposed to do with a stamp".
now honestly, REALLY. i think this people think these things up and test their wacky ideas on us (before going to Dunkin Donuts, for instance, and trying to buy a bagel with stamps. hey, if it works at the library, it would fly anywhere).

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