Tuesday, February 07, 2006

mouse died

Hinoserm would be very proud of me. my cordless optical mouse died. took me about 5 minutes to figure this out. not too swift. i replaced the batteries, all on my own, and tried to use the mouse. nothing. then i remembered there were a couple of buttons i had to push. well, in five more minutes, i found them and now the mouse works again! yeah.
been sleeping a lot. feeling weird lately. still having crazy as dreams. some are very dark.
hino....if you are changing your flight again, please let me know ASAP because i am asking for time off for this coming wednesday the 15th. hope you are having a good time and have made it down to SF. call auntie when you get the time and please pick up a few postcards for me! love, mom.
in June, i will get seniority at work, a small pay raise and 3 whole weeks (96 hours) vacation! yeee-haaaa!

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Happy Villain said...

Good for you figuring out how to revive your dead mouse! I, too, have a cordless optic mouse and damn, those batteries run out fast when you work on pictures all day!

Congrats on the seniority! You'd think I'd have something to show for 14 years at my stinking library, but still I get only 2 weeks vacation. Hrrmpf! Maybe it's time to start uttering the word "union" again. They finally stopped calling me Norma Rae, too.