Tuesday, January 31, 2006

not much

haven't felt much like blogging. today, a woman called the library in a near state of panic because we had *gasp* sent her 3 overdue notices and they really fightened her and she didn't know why we had to send them in the first place. turns out, the items had not been checked in at North Providence, where she returned them. she called them and they found them on the shelf and checked them in. for whatever godforsaken reason NPR told her to call us about the notices. why? because we did the courtesy *COURTESY* of mailing out reminders! so, i had to calm this nut down and explain that we only sent notices as reminders, not to threaten patrons. besides, your books are back and all is square, RIGHT? oh, yeah, i also threw in "don't worry, this won't appear on your credit rating" just because i COULD! heh heh heh
you would not believe the calls and e-mails we get from patrons out of state and out of the country! we have a very generic name...let's call it The Washington Library. how many Washingtons are there in this country? yes, thousands. we have gotten calls from Scotland looking for the library in Washington in the UK. we have gotten calls from Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska and Oklahoma all looking for the Washington Library. many people ask for directions and after a freakin' half our, we realize they aren't even in the same state! people, just because our website is the first to pop up on a web search, don't assume it's your local library. after all, on every page...EVERY PAGE, we list our town as Washington, RHODE ISLAND!
reference once got an e-mail apology...sent to Washington, Road Island from another reference librarian!
on a lighter note, Maniac Mike is convinced that there are far more mean people in the US than nice people. one would be...oh, let me see, maybe ME!
also received lovely pics of a hedgehog from Hinoserm's friend Blobbus. what a cutey that pincushion is!