Sunday, January 29, 2006

someone stole my car! was it you?

i had awful, bizarre dreams last night. a terrible nights sleep. i dreamed that i was at work, but the library was now in an abandoned bowling alley. (at one time, town talk was that an abandoned bowling alley would be used for the library! that quickly got the ax). this alley was not refurbished or anything. we kind of just stuck the existing library into the bowling alley. the circdesk still held bowling shoes and mini pencils and bowling score cards. our computers and keyboards would not fit well 0n the bowling checkin desk, so we had to paste the keyboards to the wall and type from there. i was having a hell of a time trying to look up some patron info when someone ran in and told me my car was being stolen!
i saw someone driving away in my car, which clipped another green car in the rear end. i was frantic. so frantic that i jumped on my SLED and took off after the punk who took my car. i could only sled so far, though because there was little snow. i got off my sled and onto my one SKI, laying on it on my belly. that worked well until i got to a wood and rope bridge that crossed a raging river (in Lonsdale). i had to change to a bicycle. some really tiny gnome of a man fell in the water and nearly drowned (probably because i pushed him out of the way), so i had to stop and save him. i got him up off the bridge and onto a lemonade stand where he was safe.
i began begging people to let me use their cars to try to find my car. finally, i found someone (someone awful from my childhood) to lend me one of his beat up cars. that's when the dream ended.
i still haven't looked out my window to see if my car is there and in one piece.

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