Thursday, January 19, 2006

the director returns

the director has returned. i am pleased to report that she was not wearing black. she was wearing green and brown. she did not get 'the memo'*. only two other library staff did not wear black: the tech services cataloger, who was absent yesterday and a circworker who claimed she does not own anything black (spoiled sport!). the rest of us looked like a pack of (hungry) black bears! the rumor is that we will all dress in one color on one particular day and not tell the director. this may or may not mess with her mind.
gosh, we are soooooo juvenile!
*the memo...if a number of us are wearing the same color clothing on a particular day, we announce that we got 'the memo'. this happens unusually often. alarmingly often. we are becoming a Hive Mind!

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Happy Villain said...

Holy crap, we do that too! Is it like women who live together get their periods at the same time? What gives? Why do we do this? I'm so glad it happens elsewhere and it's not just my lame library and our shared brain.