Sunday, January 22, 2006


remember the Old Chester that gets visits from his twin granddaughters? well, i have some news. friday night, after MM and i were through with our visit, MM went back to the holding area with all the other inmates that had a visit. an inmate spoke to the Old Chester, "Hey, Seymour, how are you doing?" Seymour responds, "Not too well. I went before the parole board yesterday and they gave me 10 more years!"
YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! so, by the time this Chester gets out, if he gets out, his granddaughters will be adults! so, he won't be molesting them. excellent.
we had to sit next to the Old Chester and his wife The White Boot Lady, during our visit saturday. we call his wife White Boot Lady becasue she has a godawful pair of white boots that she wears for every visit. they are scuffed, worn and damn ugly. she will wear her pants tucked into the boots. she wears them no matter what color her wardrobe pants, pink top and the pants tucked into the dilapidated white boots. if they are supposed to have money, why doesn't she buy a new pair of boots?
we also sat next to Crazy Roseanne (Barr look-a-like) and her filthy, short, wacked boyfriend. Crazy Roseanne Barr wears the most outrageous outfits, many of them with see-through skirts. she has been denied visits a few times because her clothes were see-through or her pants were skin tight. picture Rosanne Bar in super tight biking shorts. yesterday, the outfit was color coordinated: black, long-sleeved top with fancy gold trim at the neck and a weird gypsy-like, see-through black skirt that looked like black handkerchiefs sewn together poorly. she had on black, fuzzy house slippers with white socks. i can't tell you how many people come for a visit in house slippers! one lady, in her thirties, had winnie the pooh slippers on! occasionally, we will get a library patron wearing slippers, but they are usually teenagers. people, are you too lazy to put on SHOES before you leave the house? slippers, in winter, with snow and salt and dirt on the ground, are gross. buy some shoes!
also, two sisters, Tamanda and Tomonda came for a visit yesterday with a cute little girl in tow. i can only guess that her name was Timinda! why do parents do these things to their kids!

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Happy Villain said...

I have always wondered why patrons frequent our library wearing their pajamas and slippers. This is why I have no problem wearing semi-casual clothes to work -- at least I didn't sleep in them!

Also, we have an Asian patron with the exact same name as his sister. Exactly! To the letter! Why? Why would a parent name both kids the same thing? It's very confusing, legally, for both of them. I don't care how much they love their parents and want to honor them, but one of them should change their name.