Thursday, January 19, 2006


Maniac Mike has been watching South Park every weeknight at 11pm for a couple of months now. maybe 3. he keeps a log of every episode and how many times that episode aired. i'm not sure WHY. i don't ask WHY. a good wife know when not to ask WHY. each day, he tells me of the previous nights episode. i have already seen the vast majority of them and generally, the ones he thinks are funny are also the ones i find funny.
his favorite character is Timmy. TIMMY! TIMMY!
we both think Satan is hilarious. and that God is a Buddhist and only Mormons are in heaven. perfect!
i think my favorite character is Cartman. he's such a little bastard!
what's your favorite South Park character?

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Happy Villain said...

I don't know if I could pick a favorite character. Cartman makes me laugh the most, but Chef is just too cool.

My favorite episode is the "Chicken-lover" one with the bookmobile driver raping chickens and Cartman filling in as a cop (complete with a COPS spoof) on his big wheel. Man, that one gets me laughing so hard.