Sunday, January 29, 2006


Hinoserm called his mom and aunt to let us know that he will be staying in California a little longer. he is due back February 15. i hope he sends his itinerary. i also hope he'll send pictures of a hedgehog! when he does, i'll post them here. there is a rumor that he may be going to San Francisco, but i doubt he'll be wearing flowers in his hair. later!


DaftLadybird said...

Can you tell me where you found the name "Hinoserm" and what it means? I looked it up on and it wasn't there. Maybe you could also explain how you're supposed to pronouce it because I'm sure the pronunciation in my head is all wrong :)

Hinoserm said...

EE-know-surm. It's something that came up at random in a program I was writing, and I liked the sound of it.


deidre death said...

no, no it's Hee-no-surm and it's japanese-slovakian!