Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hinoserm, call your mother!

apparently, Hinoserm has been too busy to call his mother. i will be home this weekend. i will be home ALL DAY sunday.
let me tell you about the time Hino found my purple lipstick. he was around 4 years old. i was asleep one morning when Hino got up, told me he was up and went downstairs. a few minutes later, he comes back into the bedroom and stands by the bed. i look at him and OHMIGOD he's got blood all over his face! i looked closer and saw that it wasn't blood, it was something purple smeared all over his mouth. i couldn't wrap my mind around this, it was too weird. as i was walking down the stairs, i see that part of the wall has purple something on it. Hino confessed that he had found my purple lipstick. sheesh.
then their was the time he cut all the hands and feet off my koala stuffed animal (from Australia). Hino had a thing for koalas. he wanted to go to Australia, put them all in a sack and bring them home (to mangle them, i guess???). i have no idea where he got the koala fixation.
then there was the time he got the end of the gerbil's tail caught in the gerbil's little plastic house and ripped the tip off. again, i was in bed ( i know, i know! but he usually was very, very good!) and Hino comes upstairs, stands by the bed and asks if i have any bandaids. immediately, sirens go off in my head and i jump up and ask him where he is hurt. "no, no," he says, he isn't hurt. well, what did he need bandaids for? Squeaky! OHMIGOD! i have visions of a squished and bloody gerbil racing through my mind. i run downstairs and look in Squeaky's house and see his hurt little tail. so, we rush him to the vet, where he is sedated and operated on (having the tip of his tail removed, the poor thing). cost me $80.00...$25 alone for the anesthesia. the whole time i can't help wondering just what Hino was going to do with those bandaids. like i wouldn't notice if the gerbil had a bandaid on his tail?

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