Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Holey Roller update

the other day, Maniac Mike was standing around the phones waiting for his turn. Holey Roller is on the phone, talking to his wife. well, he wasn't really talking, he was cussing at her something awful. apparently, Holey Roller sent his wife some legal papers that he didn't want to keep in his cell. he did this some time ago. now he wants them back, and from what MM could hear, she couldn't find them. so, HR started swearing at his wife, "you stupid bitch! i need those fucking papers!" it went on and on for 20 minutes.
yes, Mr Holier Than Thou, you are a good christian, cussing at your wife like that. do you pray to God with that mouth? is this what that Big Bible teaches you? and you dare to call my husband a devil worshipper? seems like you have a little bit of the devil in you now, doesn't it?
this drives MM crazy...the way some of these men cuss out their wives. MM would sooner cut out his tongue than talk to me or his mom that way. and, if he did talk to me that way...well, i'd just HANG UP!
Big Bible Lady, you don't have to take that shit! now i really feel bad for her.

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Happy Villain said...

The people who claim to be the most righteous are usually the most wrongous. I steer clear of them. They scare me because I know they're hiding something terrible.