Wednesday, January 25, 2006

lazy dad? no phones and cake

tonight, as i was shelving DVD's i heard a father and son talking behind me, literally two steps away. the kid said something to the dad and the dad said, "go ask her." so, the kid approaches me and i figure he wants to know if a certain film is in. oh noooo. he asks me to get Star Wars off the top shelf! with the fucking father standing right there. this guy was not a MIDGET...why couldn't he have gotten the video for his kid himself?
then a woman told me i was rude for telling her she had to take her cell phone call out to the foyer. i HATE people who use cell phones in the library in spite of the BIG YELLOW sign with a picture of a cell phone on it that reads "Please do not use cell phones in the library!" that is posted on the front door...the door everyone is required to enter.
on a much better note...Hinoserm called me at the library to wish me a Happy Birthday and my sister brought me pink roses from our dearly missed "puppy" Queequeg. Quee loved pink tissue paper. pink was his favorite color. he was such a sissy boy! i miss him very much.
they had a cake for me at the library. it made me feel awkward. but as long as everyone gets to eat it, that's cool. we all love cake.

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Happy Villain said...


We have a no cell phone policy too, and people just don't get it. We had to make the rule because we had a cab dispatcher who sat at the computer all day taking calls and dispatching his cabs on his cell phone, totally disturbing the entire area! People think their cell is invisible and no one can hear them when they're on the phone. Stupid!