Monday, August 07, 2006

no conch for you!

a retired circworker, the library Nazi, went to Hawaii last week. her pal and fiend in the perverse treatment of patrons requested a conch shell. well, the (cheap) retiree found a conch but the label said that it was from the Phillipines and besides, she said, it cost $15.00! they are supposed to be close friends though the know-it-all seems to be brushing the retiree away, especially now that she didn't get her lousy shell. and the retiree has a buncha bucks, believe you me!
I have a nice conch shell that is cut so that it can be blown and make a loud noise. i think that is what she wanted. maybe i'll bring mine in.
anyway, today was another furiously busy morning. it began at 8:59am and still had not stopped when i left at 4:06pm. atleast we had someone in the kid's room this morning. usually, there is no kid's librarian on mondays until 1:pm which makes us at circ crazy especially when the library announces in all the local papers that registration for kid's programs begin on a monday morning!

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