Thursday, August 03, 2006

flies, spider and mosquito

for the first time in a LONG time, we have flies in the library and they are driving us nuts. we originally had three flies. a page killed one. now the two that are left are determined to make us crazy. every department has had a run in with them. last night, a parttime ref librarian swore she would bring in a flyswatter and kill them herself. she forgot the flyswatter, so she was livid today. now she has a vendetta.
a very large mosquito was also killed by the same page who killed the fly: she's our hero.
yesterday, at lunch, a circworker slapped a big spider out of the hair of the childrens' librarian and the CL got royally creeped out. she was greatful for the swat but today she said she washed her hair twice last night and could only imagine that the spider laid some eggs in her hair. eek!
the other day, the same circworker that swatted the spider said to me, "stand still!" and whacked me pretty hard on the shoulder. i said, "OW! what are you doing?!" she said that the fly had landed on me and she was determined to 'get it'. gross. if she did squash it, it would have splatted on ME!


Library Goddess said...

Hairspray--you need a can of cheap hairspray. Then, when the suckers land, you spray them and their wings stick together and slow them down enough to smack 'em and be rid of them.

deidre death said...

excellent idea! we used to do that to the flying cockroaches in Hawaii.

Library Goddess said...

Ewww! Flying cockroaches?! I just know that image is going to come back to haunt me!