Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dead Goose

everything was going fine tonight at the library. we had few patrons, no crazies and then, all shit broke loose. our maintenence guy went out to check the lot at 7:40pm. he found a dead goose on the hood and windshield of someone's car. he came in, told us at the desk and a couple of us went out to check. i got the license # and paged to see if the car belonged to one of patrons. we all thought all the staff cars were at the opposite side of the lot. turns out the car belonged to our male circworker. according to another patron who witnessed the event, a couple (or 3) "kids" got out of their car, slammed the dead goose on the passenger side of our staff member's car and threw it on the windshield. nice. so, did this citizen (bitch) get any info, like color of the car or plate number? NO! we have her name and our person in charge called her home and left a message that she may be contacted by the police for information. seems this patron saw the event but did not even bother to come into the library to tell anyone. we are wondering if she knows who these kids are. to make matters even worse, if they could GET worse, the cop told our staff member that, since animal control was closed, he (staff) would have to clean it up himself. the cop would not help. i do not know if a report was filed, i assume so. they took pics of my bullet hole and i wonder if they took pics of this vandalism. after my incident, the second in our lot, the cop promised me that they would drive by the library atleast once a day and keep an eye open. right. i know they can't be there every second but if they had more of a presence, this might not be happening to us.
now, i also found out that Town Hall, which is in the same building as the police station, has installed video surveillance in and outside. this just fucking pissed me off even more. the library is surrounded by woods, poorly lit and we have nothing. Town Hall has the entire fucking police department on their ASS!
in our union contract it says that we are entitled to a safe and secure working environment...and clearly, with the parking lot incidents and the middle school kids causing trouble and vandalizing the property, we are not secure. i can picture any one of those kids bringing a gun to the library to use on other kids or staff. they are THAT fucked in the head. if these kids can do what they did to an animal and another person, they should be considered dangerous. this is not a little prank. what happened tonight was sick.

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