Friday, August 04, 2006

fashion police

i was standing in the bank line after work. there was a large woman in front of me. she must have weighed 270 lbs easily. she was large breasted and had many rolls. she was about 24. she had on a mini jean skirt with a slit in spite of her flabby thighs. her top half was larger than her bottom half. she wore a WHITE tube top with diagonal brown, pink and green stripes. underneath the tube top, she wore a brown bra, so that the straps of the bra went over her shoulders. under her third roll, she wore a gold sequined belt. the outfit was so ludicrous, i just had to stare...kinda like we all have to stare at a traffic accident. we don't really want to look, but we just do. i wish i had a camera phone.

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