Monday, August 07, 2006

The Jesus Papers

i am a terrible book reviewer because i forget what i read as soon as i read it. it has been this way since i was diagnosed with CFIDS a long time ago. i think my brain just does not have the capacity it once had. also, it has been shown though not proven that folks diagnosed with CFIDS can drop as much as 10 IQ points and i know i dropped more than that.
however, this was a very interesting book though not as explosive as i thought it would be. if you like bible conspiracy, archaeology, history and wild theory, you'll like this book. i'm not so sure Pontius Pilate conspired with Joseph of Arimathea to remove a living Jesus from the cross, but i am open to the theory that Jesus did not die on the cross. there are hints here and there. why weren't his legs broken? an observant Jew would not ready a dead body on passover.
if you can read one book this week, try this one.

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