Tuesday, August 01, 2006


it just so happened the director called right in the middle of the goose fiasco and asked our PIC if it "was dead". PIC wondered how the director found out about the goose so fast. well, she was not calling about the goose. she was calling to find out how many patrons were using the building and if it had been busy. infact, it was dead for the night. no one at all was using a computer, which is rare and only a handful of patrons checked out after 6pm. we did not have to scoot anyone along.
the reason behind her call (get this): Town Hall thinks there should be a facility open to the public later for the people that have to get out of the heat! and they think the library might be it! they are fucking crazy. CRAZY! they have a senior center, a town hall and several schools. why pick on us? i do not have air conditioning but i don't want to stay any later than my scheduled hours. did they think the union would just allow them to make us stay open later...til 9 or 10? WTF? i'm sorry. we are a library, not a shelter. we are not even designated as a fallout shelter because we have no basement. we are not considered a shelter for natural disasters because we are surrounded by large windows. the designated shelters are the high school, several other schools and the TOWN HALL! i'm just really pissed tonight. really pissed.

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