Monday, August 28, 2006

first alien sighting

burning Autumn Leaves, listening to PunkRadioCast and thinking about my first memory of those little gray guys. i lived in a little house in the woods. back then, it was the house built on the highest point in our town at the time.
i was about five or six. my mom was a waitress and worked 3pm to 1 or 2am. i spent a lot of time alone in the house. one evening at dusk, i was looking out the window at the front of the house. i had a view of the end of our very long drive-way, and our mailbox and the woods by the road. it must have been early autumn because it was easy to see through the trees.
i saw several very short people in jumpsuits and helmets. atleast, that's what i saw AT FIRST. they looked like they were pretending to dig. the next thing i knew, the small men in jumpsuits turned into little gray skinned, big black eyed...things. i didn't KNOW what an "alien" was back then. my ideas of aliens came from movies like Day of the Triffids and War of the Worlds. they stared at me from the woods, they stopped all movement and just stared. i was so scared but the only thing i could think to do was yell out the window, "Go Away! This Is MY Property!".. i seemed to scream that phrase over and over. i don't remember anything else. this memory is mixed up with a memory of finding my mom unconscious on the floor (she tried to OD often enough). if they ever got closer to me that night, i can't remember. actually, there is a whole lot of shit missing from my childhood memories. i hear people, like Maniac Mike, tell all these stories from when they were kids and i have only, like, a handful. and MM took A LOT of drugs and i didn't. it was only when i was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress later in life that i realized i suffered from PTSD in childhood as well as a kind of OCD. i can't say whether either is because my childhood was stressful or something else was going on.

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