Wednesday, August 30, 2006

slow, dull day

i have nothing much to bitch about today. it was slow (544), dull and dragged. i mananged to put away all the Large Print and all but 2 books in old Bio's. these are the two tightest areas of the library except sci-fi. really, there is no room for anything anymore and the staff have been weeding like crazy. we are even weeding videocassettes, getting ready to move to all DVD (except the nonfic vids). i don't see that happening too soon, though. we are also on a 'last call' for replacement audiobook cassettes as the company(s) we have a contract with will no longer replace items for free. so the circhead has put in a major order, most of which is in a massive, messy pile around her desk. some replacements have been sitting there for a month now. maybe friday, when she is gone, i will tackle the job. otherwise, it might never get done. we order a book on cassette here and there but we have moved mainly to CD books. there are folks out there who will not buy a CD player or a DVD player and they have already expressed disdane at our weeding (we sell off vids at a buck a piece). well, they are just gonna have to get with the times. i sympathize. i just bought a tv with a DVD player this year, only got this computer a year ago though i have had a CD player for a long time. some of these folks cannot afford a DVD player so i tell them that Mall-Wart had one for $30 at one time. that is a lot of money for some of our patrons.
tonight, yet again, my supervisor failed to unlock the bookdrop. same as last wednesday and the wednesday before. she claims that the wednesday morning crew must not lock it, so when she goes out at night to 'unlock' it, she locks it. i don't buy that at all. the thing that gets me is, all you have to do to test whether or not the drop is open or closed is to pull down the drawer! why doesn't she do that? because she is lazy! so, we all stand around waiting for the library to be opened, run down the hall, get the drawer key, unlock the drawer at circ, take out the bookdrop key run outside and unlock the bookdrop, put the key back in the drawer, lock the drawer and run back down the hall to put the key in it's little holder on her locker. it makes us all wait and the reference librarian was not happy about it. i have asked my supervisor every wednesday "is the bookdrop unlocked?"...she says it is. next time, damn it, i am going out there and checking. this only happens to my supervisor, never anyone else. hmmm.

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