Tuesday, August 29, 2006

are you meant for this job?

feeling really weird today like i haven't for a long while (since they upped the dose of Klonipin). been feeling kinda depressed. blah. have no oompf to do anything...would you believe that i still have not finished The Grays? what IS wrong with me?
yesterday, an old, senseless woman mentioned on this blog previously walked into the library in a tizzy. she could not get the key out of the ignition....the car was running in the lot. well, lucky she didn't get me first because i would shrugged and said, "is your car in PARK?" well, she didn't get me, she got my much nicer (to her) coworker who went out to the car. well, Kozahlzheimer could not find her car. she went from one side of the lot to the other. when she found the car, my coworker found that the car was not fully in park. hmmmmm. we all say again and again that this woman should not be driving yet her supposedly wonderful children continue to let her risk her own life and the life of some innocent who is gonna DIE because of her inability to function. i met one of her kids, a daughter, and she treated the mother like dirt. she had no patience with her...just like we have no patience with her.
so, i was explaining all this to Maniac Mike and generally bitching about work....yap, yap, yap. first, he tells me i'm mean. then he asks me if i am in the right line of work. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! clearly this man was jesting. if i was sure they wouldn't take me out in shackles, i woulda smacked him. yes, i am in the right line of work. it is very stressful and sometimes i need to bitch. sometimes i have to bitch A LOT. but 90% of the time, everythin is fine, i have a boring day, no special needs cases. it's just that it is easier to remember the bad days and the bad moments.
also, today i found out our male circworker is leaving for a full time job in Providence. drat. this means we will be short AND we will have to find someone to replace him. he already had the job down pat and was really good with the patrons. now we are gonna have to train another part timer...and it won't be my supervisor who will do the training either. she has been so fucking lazy lately, too. on thursday, i heard all day long that her back hurt. monday her leg hurt. today her shoulder hurt. if i complained about every part of my body that ached everyday, i'd never talk about anything else. GAWD!
was gonna listen to Whitley on Art Bell (sunday's program?) buut i think i am just going to go to bed. blah.

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