Wednesday, August 09, 2006

don't follow us home!

i hadn't heard about this yesterday because i was on my break but the know it all had a run-in with a patron. we had a program last night...a sing-a-long to the Sound of Music (next one will be the Little Mermaid). the patron went up to KIA at 4:20 and asked why the door to the program room was locked. KIA told her the movie did not start until 5:00 and the staff will make an announcement. meanwhile, KIA suggested, the patron could look around the library or have a seat anywhere. well, the librarian who was running the program was a few minutes behind schedule because she had to call another library and beg them to fax over some part of a CD ROM booklet with codes that a patron thoughtlessly lost (the very first patron to borrow the item). so, it was just after 5:00 and KIA left the building for the night and that same patron FOLLOWED KIA to her car and started cussing her out because the movie hadn't started, the door still wasn't open and there was no announcement. so, KIA, being off the clock and a big mouth to boot, told her off. so, KIA was wondering if anyone had called today to report her rudeness. hell, i'd have been rude to the patron, too. do NOT ever follow me to my car. do not even talk to me if i am off the clock. i stop being a civil servant when i clock out and the money stops rolling (er, trickling) in.
i think i mentioned the time that KIA was called 'that Nazi librarian' by a woman in a bakery. i wish i were there to see that one.
i can understand being nice to anybody, including patrons, whomt we run into on our own time but many of these patrons think WE ARE STILL WORKING even if they see us in the market. one lady, who has since died, once asked me if we had such and such book in while i was grocery shopping. WTF? i told her nicely that she could call the library tomorrow and i then not so nicely turned on my heels and walked away (this one was a gossiper and i wanted to get away). next, they'll be following us home.

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