Tuesday, August 22, 2006


we have a deaf patron that uses the internet and at times she can be very trying. like tonight.
she was using the internet in the back by reference, so we didn't have to deal with her until she came up to the circ desk and showed J and i a paper with 'seagullorama' written on it. she wanted to know what 'orama' meant. we tried like hell to explain it, but it was very difficult (think about it) and even Ask Jeeves wouldn't give us an answer. the only way i could think to explain it was to call it 'like a party', 'a big gathering', a 'festival atmosphere with lots and lots of sea gulls'. sheesh.
quarter to 8 comes around and we announce (after a previous 'you have 15 minutes' announcement) that the workstations need to be shut down...she was the only one on the computer and we said it nice and loud. we also added, "so, please come and pick up your library cards". the lady runs over and tells us she has "her Visa in the computer" and she will be done in a minute. at 5 til 8, we make another computer announcement. she finally picks up her card. we make the announcement at 8 that the library is closed. this patron is now in the lobby using a cell phone. we find out that she is calling a cab. the staff shut down all the lights and step out into the lobby for final lockup and the woman goes into the bathroom. grrrrrrr. the reference librarian them asks me if the lady paid for her printouts and i told her 'no'. she KNOWS she must pay for prints. grrrrrr. now, it is 5 past 8 and the patron comes out of the bathroom to find us all glaring at her. she then tells us that she made a mistake and told the cab to pick her up at 8:30 and she makes no move towards the doors where we are all gathered, with them open, to leave. we tell her again that the library must be closed. she asks what she should do. WTF? she's a GROWN 40-something women with a cell phone. bitch. call the cab back and tell them to pick you up EARLIER! duh! like we were going to wait for her ride to show? puh-leeze.
why is it so hard for people to make their own decisions? why is it so hard for people to understand that the staff worked all day and wants to GO HOME?! it's like they are stunned that we don't want to hang around to keep them company until they do whatever they want to do. they fail to realize, that, what it all really boils down to is, we. don't. care. we just want to go home. we'll start caring again at nine in the morning (if you're lucky). come back then.

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