Sunday, August 13, 2006


i'm sorry, but this is BULLSHIT! Maniac Mike and i had a rousing talk about the 'new' airlines security. are we now so fucking terrorized that we cannot bring a bottle of water on a plane? even if we bought the bottle AFTER we went through the security checkpoint? are terrorists working the gift and food kiosks in the secure area of the airport, passing nitro to accomlices in Dasani bottles? shit...THEY ARE NOT THAT SMART! for Christ sake, they are still thinking of ways to bring down did that already. move on! now you are just fucking pissing us off.

now, on a transatlantic flight, you can't even bring on a paperback "because the terrorist could use the cellulose in the paper". that according to Linda Moulton Howe (interviewed on unkowncountry).

ok, so the passenger with the baby has to drink the milk. will they also have to eat the diaper cream? what about the asthmatic with her inhaler? will the diabetic have to inject himself, whether it is time for the injection or not to "prove" it is medicine. if the terrorists were smart, they WOULD bring a baby onboard, posing as a family, fix the milk bottle up, take a swig and get right on the plane. do you think they'll cry over killing that baby along with the rest of the plane. shit, no.

but they wouldn't do that because terrorists are RETARDS. how smart do you have to be to fly a big ol' plane into a big ol' building? hiding a bomb in a shoe and trying to light your foot on fire in front of a shitload of people is retarded. we are JUST as stupid. we buy into the fear. we agree to nonsense security measures that will only make air travel even more miserable. we pull grandmas out of boarding lines to practically strip search them, but we let the dark man with a full beard walk right in because we must be "politically correct".
we must not target the group of individuals who are targeting US. right. that makes no sense at all.

i am soooo sick of this shit. we don't have to live this way. we live this way because 50million plus imbeciles reelected a warmonger, a fearmonger and an eschatologist as the President, again. the same man who has and will continue to use 911 to take away all our freedom, start wars and let Osama go because his daddy is buddy buddy with the Saudis. the only reason Osama has not been captured or killed is because of the Bin Laden family and their connection to the Bushes. there. i said it.

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Happy Villain said...

Amen! I'm totally with you on this! I hate to bring it up (because I often do in real life), but I really cheered on an episode of the Penn Jilette show, where he suggested the best way to "beat" the terrorists is to carry on, without making people give up their freedom, without a Patriot Act, without paying any credence to the very acts that were perpetrated to scare us. He suggested we should rebuild the Twin Towers exactly as they were, and refuse to give up the very freedom we're so afraid of losing, because life is full of risks. I totally agree. The concessions we are making, the freedom we give up, put us at the mercy of those who seek to supress us. How ironic. Thanks for writing about it!