Saturday, August 12, 2006

educated horses

this weekend is taxfree in Massachusetts. Maniac Mike mentioned two girl bands he saw on some late night show...Kimmel??? i haven't watched tv in a long time...weeks if not months. MM knows all the shows, their air times, their affiliates and all the commercials, too. he was telling me about the Chocostix commercial which i thought was just damn silly. the guy in the commercial has a pack of Chocostix in front of him and he wonders what flavor it will be. read. the. package. duh!
anyway, he told me of two bands that reminded him of Veruca Salt...Damone and Morning Wood. so, i went over to the Newbury Comics in Attleboro and found them. i also found a few more CDs...Blue Oyster Cult and the Soviettes II, plus others i'll post about later.
i found a used copy of Rob Zombie's Educated Horses and it ROCKS. great grinding guitar and no weird White Zombie funny stuff. really good. several cool songs...American Witch, the Devil's Rejects, Let it All Bleed out, Lords of Salem. very happy i bought it and for $11.99!
and even though i couldn't print out the Newbury Comics coupon, the guy at the register still took 2 bucks off my purchase.

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