Sunday, August 20, 2006


did i mention that our Children's librarian had her tire slashed this week? in the library parking lot. she has a brand new Honda Prius (one of the hybrids). her husband bought it because she drives and hour to and from work and the gas prices were killing them. i had a ride in the car and it was really cool. when the car stops, you cannot hear a single sound. it's as if the car just dies. there is no key. the key is a little box that you fit into a rectagular hole. then, to start the car, you just press a button. weird AND cool.
so, we now believe the staff is being targeted in some way. 1) my shot windshield, 2) the guy's dead goose and now 3) the librarian's tire. and do you know what the director is doing about it?
but, we have documented everything and the police and town hall have been notified. we are all hoping that the next car to get it is the director's. that's the only way we will get security cameras installed.

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Happy Villain said...

Wow! That kind of stuff happened last year at my library, but it happened to cars of both patrons and staff members. No one was ever caught, but we hope that the person responsible moved away or is in jail without plans of returning this school year.

Good luck with your vandals (and goose murderer). That's really frightening, but I'm glad it's just vehicles being targeted and no one has been hurt (aside from a goose). Stay safe.