Thursday, August 10, 2006


today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved prairie dog, Queequeg. he died at noon on the 10th and today, both my sister and i woke up at noon and could not go back to sleep. we both have chronic fatigue so we sleep when we can. even though i had the day off work, i could not even think of staying in bed. so, i took my mom to the Wrentham Outlets and we spent a few hours shopping. the only thing my mother wanted was candy. i bought two shirts and a skirt and a wooden sign for the library that reads "overworked and undermedicated". my mom bought me a pair of neat 'halloween' shoes...sandals with a crisscross pattern of black, orange and yellow. i have a lot of orange and black to wear. i wanted low heeled red shoes really bad but could not find a pair anywhere. mom also bought me a perfume set of Desire. it had a huge bottle of perfume and body lotion (which is impossible to find) in a set for the incredibly low price of $18.84! so, maybe Hino won't have to make himself crazy this christmas trying to find this perfume. they do have more at the same store but the prices were sky high. if i bought the same size bottle from the set, it would have cost $28.00. go figure.
we bought my sister a present for Queequeg's anniversary because even though he is in heaven, he still likes to shop. we got a Swarovski crystal black lamb named Shadey. it's from a new line of animals called Lovlots. the lamb is all black and has little hematite eyes. my sister collects crystal and blown glass. this poor black lamb was perfect for today. we sure do miss Queequeg. i can't even look at tissue paper without my heart hurting.

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