Saturday, August 12, 2006


you know how you can know someone who knows someone who was the cousin of someone? well, tonight, at our visit, i learned that Maniac Mike has a link to Jeffrey Dahmer. no shit. this is how he told me the story:
when MM was just a kid, he knew a retarded girl who lived on his street. (it was her brother and MM that once blew up a dumptruck.) in the day, miniskirts were the norm but this girl had a longer skirt that would just expose her knees. so MM and the kids would semi tease her by saying, "i see Suzie's knees!" and the girl would kinda laugh, blush and try like hell to cover her knees with her skirt.
anyway, Suzie's brother went off to college (can't remember which...MM told me...maybe Ohio State...duh) and guess who he had as a roommate? Jeffrey Dahmer. creepy or what!?

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