Wednesday, August 09, 2006

bras are the new shoes

monday afternoon, i went to AJ Wright and bought me a slew of bras in colors that i needed but didn't own. i like to coordinate my bra to my outfit. it's like wearing just the right pair of shoes. so, i've got a new red bra and a new black bra, pink, yellow, and brown. they were all $3.99. how could i pass that up? someday, i am going to match my panties to my bras but i am just not now coordinated enough to do that. not yet.
i hate shopping. it's tiring and taxing but when i do feel up to it, i like to shop for shoes, underwear/bras, hair scrunchies and ties and shirts, in that order. i hate shopping for pants and can only tolerate shopping for skirts on a good day. oh, i also have a nail polish fetish but i am very proud of myself. i have not bought a new color in many weeks (because i own every color there is). i cannot leave the house without having my toenails painted. i used to be so obsessive about matching my polish to my outfit, i would plan what i was going to wear for the week around the polish i wanted to wear.
i also LOVE jewelry but i no longer shop for it since QVC cut me off. they have fantastic jewelry. my poor prairie dog used to buy me beautiful white gold or silver items...earrings mostly. he had such good taste and, apparently, access to my sister's credit card!

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