Monday, August 28, 2006

Hot or Not/Shoutcast

eh...not so hot after i see him here in the blog. you cannot believe how many guys pose with their classic cars and bikes. i like the bikes as long as they're not rice-burners. no need of them, really. lots of guys in golf carts or golfing or with golf paraphenalia. weird pics of guys in front of weird structures. lots of guys with a guitar...most are not playing them. guys with dogs...very cute. some with babies...doesn't really do anything for me. since i look at the guys 40 and over, i'm just looking at a granpa. there anything better out there? i'm looking for a punk station that plays lots of old stuff and some new stuff...i tuned in to one station that was supposed to be punk and all i heard was rap. one kind of music i cannot stand is rap. especially that violent, let's fuck all the girls and kill all the cops shit. okay...not MUCH different than some punk, but at least the Ramones had a MESSAGE!

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