Sunday, August 20, 2006

disturbing story

today, at our visit, Maniac Mike told me a very disturbing story that took place when he was in the eleventh grade. he had a, er, customer (pot) and somewhat friend that he sometimes hung around with. this guy's name was Simmy. he was black, 17, still in school, living with his white girlfriend and their baby in a shack. Simmy raised pit bulls as fighting dogs. this was way back in the 70's. Simmy's dad was well respected, owned a construction company and did his best to help African Americans in his community. Simmy's family were good people, which makes this story all the more sick.
Simmy and his girlfriend both worked, so they needed a baby sitter. their next door neighbor was an 8 year old honor student and sweet kid. she babysat for them. one day, the girl went missing and for two weeks, could not be found.
one day, MM and another guy went over to Simmy's shack of a house where Simmy and Grant were washing and waxing Simmy's van. MM and his friend sat on a concrete cistern while they talked to the other guys. the cistern was basically a rectangular box with a big, heavy concrete lid that held water and chemicals.
you can see where this is going, right?
a couple of day's later, MM's mom wakes him up to tell him his friend, Simmy was on the news. he was arrested for the murder of the honor student. she had been stabbed with an object that they could not find or figure out, other than saying it was 'like a screwdriver'. she was stabbed more than EIGHTY times! they found her body IN THE CISTERN.
Simmy told his best friend, Grant what he had done...but not why he had done it, and Grant, not able to live with something like that (who could?) went to the cops.
Simmy was sentenced to death a year before Ohio banned the death penalty. he was on Death Row for one year. lucky him.
yet another gruesome story brought to by Maniac Mike.

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