Thursday, August 03, 2006

we dare ya!

i can't remember if i wrote about the scorpion. this summer reading program has been a blast. i have never seen so many kids and so many programs. the childrens' librarian planned on having 240 kids in the program but i think she has surpassed that number. the CL is fabulous. i don't know how she does it. she has several storytimes a week from babies to 5 year olds plus all the special summer reading events. tomorrow, Ronald McDonald ( a summer reading staple) is coming in and i am so glad i will not be there in the morning to see him. i don't go in until 11:30. i don't do clowns.
we've had 5 "animal" programs so far. the only presentation that did not feature live animals was the bat program. drat. we've had a bird program, 2 reptile programs, a sea creature program and the bat program. during one of the reptile shows, a HUGE brown scorpion was presented. i happened to be in the room sneaking a peek with the CL and my circhead. they both dared me to follow the kids and go up to the front and have the reptile lady put the scorpion on my chest. this awesome creature was bigger than my hand and had a huge tail with the stinger still intact. a few very brave kids had the scorpion put on them. well, i cannot turn down a dare, so i did it. i wasn't a bit scared. it was too cool. i also got to pet the bearded lizard but not the alligator. we at circ were taking turns running in and out of the program room to take a peek at the animals. the presenter was a very knowledgable young lady. if she was 18, i'd be surprised. she had the kids in the palm of her hand (except for one girl who can always be counted on to be the brat) and the adults, too.
i've never even seen a live scorpion before. i liked it but i would not want to find one crawling around in my house or hiding in my shoe!

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