Tuesday, August 22, 2006

won't you come home Bill W. ?

tonight, miss m had a patron from another city ask for the movie My Name is Bill W. we had it and the woman was gleefully excited about it. because she was from another district, we had to go over our video lending policy with her and have her sign a contract. basically, miss m told the patron that she could return the video to any public library within the 7 day loan period and the fine would be a buck a day if it is late. easy. the patron asks miss m where she might be able to buy her own copy of the movie. miss m mentioned that she would probably not be able to find it on video and should try for a DVD on the internet. the patron asked miss m what would happen if the video were....here she made quote signs in the air with her fingers..."lost". miss m told her she would be charged for the full cost of the movie. the patron asked how much the movie would cost if it were "lost" (again with the finger quotes) and miss m told her it would be $25.99 BUT we would rather have our movie back! the patron repeated, "so, if i "lost" the movie, i would have to pay you $26.00?" AAARRGGH! so, we believe this movie will not be seen by us ever again. in a week, we will see if it is returned and if it is overdue, we will personally call the patron (something we rarely do) and ask for it back.
what we probably should have done is LIED and told her it would affect her credit if the movie doesn't come back and she is billed for it. some people!

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