Wednesday, November 22, 2006


i forgot to mention that the director no longer wants us to keep tissue out for the patrons. also, i was told we were moving to one-ply toilet paper. this confused me and the next time i went into the staff bathroom, i had a good look at the paper and it already looked one-ply to me. i tried to peel off a layer. there was nothing to peel. it is literally the thinnest toilet tissue i have ever seen. so, i asked a coworker on the desk how we could possibly get tissue any thinner and she said, "oh, you misunderstood. we already HAVE one-ply." ah. now it makes sense. since i had that bout with bronchitis, i brought in my own, soft two- or three-ply Kleenex (which Hino bought) and we have all been enjoying that. but not the patrons. they must resort to using their sleeves.
can you hear the director's purse squeaking from over there?

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