Wednesday, November 29, 2006

tape flufferer

before i went to work today, i stopped at Job Lot and bought 4 rolls of clear, wide tape at a buck apiece so that we would not run out at the desk. i told my circhead that i bought the rolls for CIRC only because, sooner or later, another department is going to run out of tape and come looking at circ for some. she said that she wouldn't let it out of her sight.
i also had to explain to her who a Fluffer was. she used the word 'flufferer' to describe something and i laughed and asked her if she knew what a Fluffer was. no, but Waverly did, so i whispered it in her ear. she thought it was funny. she also had a call which she thought was a crank. a man called up and said he could not remember the title of the book he placed on hold, and could she tell him. the book was The Sex Starved Marriage. how in the heck could you forget a title like that? so, she thinks it was someone getting his jollies. i just think he was an idiot and the reason why his marriage is sex starved is because he never thinks of having actual sex...he just reads about not having sex.
i had the most God awful pain in my right side today. it felt like a gallbladder attack, but on the wrong side and it radiated down my arm and up into my ear. i have trouble with my spleen becoming enlarged, so that might be it. i feel somewhat better now, but i think sleeping might be tough tonight as it was last night. the pain may also have something to do with eating a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream.
Hino REALLY has to let us know what he wants for christmas. how about a Visa gift card???? and we will have to go shopping soon. i am hoping he has an idea of what everyone else wants because i have no clue.
i hate christmas. can't we just have Halloween again?