Thursday, November 23, 2006

i won, i won, i won, i won, i won!

played cards with Maniac Mike during our 1pm visit and I WON! iwon 6 games to 4. HAHAHAHAHA! we used cashews as game markers to keep track of who won a hand and at one point, MM reached over and ate 2 of my winning cashews. the nerve. so, loving wife that i am, i called him a Dirty Bastard and he said, "i love it when you call me a bastard." hmmmmmm. have to think on that one.
he also told me he didn't like my "perfume" which, much to my shame, is Jessica Simpson's Dessert line of coconut, banana and mango spray. i know, but it was only 5 bucks and i LOVE coconut. MM doesn't. i didn't tell him that i also bought Teen Spirit's coconut deodorant either. LOVE it!
by the way, the only way i can remember the spelling of dessert (as opposed to desert) is because we have an embroidered panel in the libary staff room that reads, "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts".

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