Monday, November 06, 2006


well, Hinoserm was a little late wishing you all a Happy Halloween (Merry Samhain) but he did it like i had asked. plus, he fixed my sidebar and brought me chicken soup, Kleenex and crackers which i was in dire need of. i did throw up the first half bowl of soup (from coughing) but i got the second half down.
i woke up sick, of all days, on Halloween, my vacation day. very sick. went to Urgent Care, got an unspecific diagnosis (not strep, though), got an EKG and bloodwork, was told my thyroid and spleen were huge and my gallbladder was painful. ended up with a Z-Pac of antibiotics, Zicam, Musenex and Tylenol. now i am pretty sure it is bronchitis, having had it once before. so i missed work for 2 days and had the weekend off (thank God!) and went to work today to be told i looked and sounded terrible and should go right home. but, i stayed until 2pm and was coughing only when i talked louder or laughed. my ears are still blocked, i still have a sore throat and my chest feels like it's full of concrete. blah. i have lost quite a bit of weight (YAY!) and i am actually able to stand and sit up without feeling like i am going to fall down. so, i'm pretty sure things are going to get better slowly and i will be able to vote tomorrow! finally! i am damn sick of all the leaflets, mailing, pamphlets and phone calls.
thanks Hino. i may vote before work (around 1:30) or, if you want, i can pick you up and we can vote after work. let me know.

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