Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i don't speak Swedish...

...so it is sometimes difficult to communicate with my car (a SAAB). the other day, i bright red light flashed on my dash "CHECK GEARBOX". you mean like a fishing gear box? where IS this gearbox? so, out comes the manual which is not for my model but for the model just below mine so the manual doesn't include everything. basically, Hino and i found out check gearbox means to check the oil and the transmission fluid. well, the oil was fine...i check it all the time, but checking the transmission fluid was a whole nothing ballgame. first, the dipstick is a strange medieval-esque item that requires just the right pop-and-tug motion. well, i had one drop of transmission fluid. then we tried to figure out where to add the transmission fluid as the manual lists Transmission Fluid as #5 and then fails to point to it on the engine graphic like all the rest of the items on there. anyway, i went to the garage across the street and the nice Iranian guy figured it all out. boy, sometimes i feel so stupid. now, if my car will spell out "low coolant" and "time for service" when i need an oil change, why can't the damn computer just spell out "you need transmission fluid and you need it NOW".
damn Swedes. nothing but trouble!

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