Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not ONE single hottie

not one single hottie on Hot or Not, a bummer to end a bummy day. it started off okay. then a coworker fell and hurt her face badly (while out shopping) but tried to work anyway but she was really too hurt and experiencing vertigo. she really neede to go home and take care of her face. so, we worked out a plan for coverage since another circ person is on vacation and that would have left Waverly alone. so, one girl stayed until 6 with the director, i went for a visit and then came back at 6 to work until 8pm.
first, Maniac Mike is sick again with the same thing he had last time. tomorrow he sees a doctor. his ear is twice it's size, he had a 102 fever and a big swelling on his face. i am soooo pissed that they never let him see a doctor before and now this could be serious. so, that was strike one.
strike two was the fact that, while i was running around gettting ready to close, Waverly stands around while there are things to be packed, and books to be checked in and carted off. i have to keep reminding him to MOVE HIS ASS.
strike three was the fact that several problem patrons needed help at 10 til 8. at 7:57 a woman finally asks for help from us and i had to BEG the children's assistant to get the book FOR THE PATRON so i could check her out because the woman had no idea what she was doing. at first, the CA just gave her a section and call number when i asked her to PLEASE just get the book...PLEASE. damn, i was still trying to count the damn drawer. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

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