Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Patrick Stewart is much sexier than Clooney!

Maniac Mike thinks i'm crazy because i think Patrick Stewart is H.O.T! he said that i might as well have a thing for Murray from the Mary Tyler Moore show. i see NO similarity and i had to remind him that i found bald men attractive, because, after all, MM is ALSO bald. dingaling.
i have also found that we both get rather nasty playing cards and take it way too seriously. we play Gin. he gets pissed off if i look in the discard pile which he claims is 'sacred'. he said we should have a new rule that if anyone (meaning ME) should be caught looking in the dicard pile, a finger should be broken. so i said, "okay. how about THIS one" and flashed him the bird. then i said that if someone should make up stupid rules about a game of cards, they should take one up the ass. i know, not very feminine of me but that's how rowdy we get. shameful.
anyway, the sexiest man alive is NOT George Clooney, sorry. yuck. Stewart is much HOTTER and even MM could beat him...but he thinks Clooney is a cool guy because he has a pig as a pet.

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