Monday, November 27, 2006

phone call

today was my day to call the holds. i called one old lady who has some kind of dementia and usually is very weak and tired when she comes in to get her books. another person who should not be driving. anyway, i called her because her book was in and here's how it went:
me: "hi mrs M. this is the library. you requested a book and it is in."
mrs M: "thank you!"
me: "you're welcome. we can hold it for you until thursday, if that's okay."
mrs M: "you'll hold it until my birthday?"
so, of course, i had to tell everyone this story. then one of the ladies looked up mrs M's b-day and it was Dec 2, so, she was not as demented as i thought. conceivably, we COULD hold it until her birthday, but how would she know WE would know when her b-day was.

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