Sunday, October 15, 2006

saturday Take-Out

on saturdays, at the library, we usually order out. either the place we order from delivers or one of us goes to pick it up. i decided to pick up the order this time. i went to the deli and asked if the order for the library was ready. the guy behind the counter (who had a very heavy RI accent and thought he was hot) said, "eh, you're from da libarry? i'm illiterate! HA HA." WTF? so, i gave him i look that i hope conveyed the fact that he was not funny. so, he packed the order and, trying to be an asshole said, "yous guys must not have any fun dere at da libarry." so i smile and said, "oh, we have a LOT of fun, especially on saturdays." and i hope i gave him a look that said 'you are an ass. give me the food and i'll let you live'. some guys think they are soooo funny telling a 'librarian' that they are illiterate. can't think of how many times i have heard that. it's not funny in any way. you might as well say you have erectile disfunction because that is just as funny as telling someone you are STUPID! maybe funnier!

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