Friday, October 06, 2006

one last thing...Starbucks

so, i was in Target for one last thing for the baby shower. when i paid for my item, i went over to the Starbucks that is in the store and waited behind a woman who was waiting for the barista to finish waiting on 3 college aged guys who were monopolizing this woman, much to her delight. she was clearly enjoying the attention (as she must never get any because she was a WOOF! WOOF!). finally, after several minutes of totally ignoring the (now) 3 of us in line, the woman infront of me asks if there is a pamphlet that lists the ingredients to each coffee item as she is diabetic. the barista told her she thinks there is 'some book or something' that may list ingredients, then tells the woman to wait until she is through helping the guys. now, this woman was clearly in her thirties and had sideburns and she was really getting off on the attention these guys were giving her. we, in the line, were getting pissed. finally, she tells the diabetic that most everything is 'sweet' and wouldn't recommend that she buy anything, then she looked around, found a big manual type book and shoved it at the diabetic. the diabetic nicely turned to me, the soon-to-be-diabetic-so-give-me-10-teaspoons-of-sugar-in-my-coffee-please and tells me that i can go first. wow. that was really nice. so, i ask Ms Sideburns for a grande pumpkin spice latte with 4 sugars. she tells me that i would have to add my own sugar as they don't allow her to add sugar because i then might not like the coffee and want a refund. EH? i said, "it is impossible to add the sugar after the drink is made because of the whipped cream, plus, it spills all over the place". she said i had to add my own sugar. so, i sniffed up my nose, turned on my heels and walked out. i did not SAY "fuck you" but it was clearly implied. so, i drove across the plaza to a REAL Starbucks and got a nice male barista who took my order and a nice female barista to make my latte WITH SUGAR! OMG! what WILL Starbucks think?

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