Tuesday, October 17, 2006


tired, sore.
worked only a little with Waverly today. helped him with a search. he was as happy as ever. he went off to do other things while i was there. the girls said he did well. he checked in and checked out. he did some holds.
we also met Gina, the lady who will replace our soon-to-be-mom while she is out. she seems really nice, too.
one of the girls thinks Waverly is nervous and that's why he smiles a lot.
saw the psych. no new meds. spoke about Maniac Mike. my psych once worked for or with the ACI so he had to sign a release and cannot do anything to help MM but he gave me some advice and told me that he worked with MM's counselor and she is really positive and she is a good advocate. i think i will write her a letter for MM to bring to her. my psych thinks MM will also benefit by Seroquel but he doubts the ACI will pay for it.
the guy needs to get some sleep and anxiety relief.
Hino, you had better think of what you want for christmas. i was thinking i would like a couple of shirts from www.unshelved.com.

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