Friday, October 06, 2006

baby shower

well, the baby shower was held tonight in the library meeting room. it was a lot of fun and the mom got a good lot of gifts and more baby washclothes than she'll ever need! well, really, she WILL need them. we had pizza, salad, fondue and chips n dip. later, we had a whipped cream marble cake from Wright's Dairy Farm. we played silly games (i won charades) and watched the mom open all her gifts (which took the most time of all). she said she got a lot of stuff from us that she didn't get from her a mattress and a baby monitor. i think she had a good time and even after working all day, looked fresher and more awake than those of us who did not have to work today.
one really funny thing: the baby mattress that she got has a 35 year warrantee!

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