Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i lose at cards, Maniac Mike rejoices

during our last visit sunday, i lost at cards 7 to 2. Maniac Mike was thrilled. he just rubbed it right in. guess it's time to send him another jinxed card so i can start winning again. are all men like this about cards? sheesh.
then i also had to hear all about Dale Jr (or just 'Junior') being rammed and knocked out of first place where he had been for most of the race, by two team members of the particular team that Jeff Gordon (aka The Asshole) belongs to. i had to hear ALL about it. i had to hear about points and The Chase and cheaters and on and on and on. i managed to stay awake and i was proud of myself for doing it. i also had to hear about Notre Dame football, but by that point, i wasn't really paying attention. i think they lost or something. whatever.
now MM has arthritis really bad in one of his thumbs so he cannot bend it in to touch his palm. so, what is he worried about? his golf game. i looked at him and asked, "just WHEN was the last time you actually played golf?" he mumbled, "er, um about 25 years ago." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i don't know when he'll find time to play golf with the 2 Pugs, the Golden Retriever, the goats, the chickens, the reindeer, the cats and the cow. i let slip "the cow" and he jumped right on it..."so, i can get a cow now? you said i couldn't have a cow, so does that mean i can have one now?" yeah, right WHATEVER! as long as i have my prairie dogs, i don't care. get a goddamn moose if ya want!

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