Thursday, October 12, 2006

a day

lost at cards again. Maniac Mike was too tired to gloat...MUCH. even lost at Crazy 8's. MM told me several stupid jokes (and one good one), a couple of which he had told me before. er. grammar? syntax? nope. too tired. didn't get to sleep til 4am last night because my colon was doing the Flamenco all night. fuckin' Flamenco Colons!
work: very busy. guess who had YET ANOTHER day off? yep. the circhead. like i said before and before and before: just take every fuckin' thursday off why doncha! and once again, she took the day off TO CLEAN HER APARTMENT because her exhusband was coming up from Florida and she didn't want him to see it in a mess. the day that i take a day off of work to CLEAN will be the day before i die so that my family will have an easier time of throwing out my stuff! i cannot count the number of days she has taken off to clean her apartment. YET, she goes out almost every night, takes all kinds of classes, eats out morning, noon and night. now, if she stayed home on a night off, maybe she could clean then. no. she has to take a day off for that. i am sick to death of working with only 2 people on the desk. it is killer!
i heard we are hiring the man. i heard he is quiting the job he got a week ago to work with us. i also heard that the circhead is supposed to train him, yet, SHE HAS A VACATION WEEK coming up just when we expect him to join us.
i am also SICK to death of "volunteers". these are kids whose mommies call up to ask if their idiot kid can volunteer in the library because they need the hours for: 1)CCD 2) some sort of juvenile delinquency/truancy 3)various other reasons. mainly, these kids are lazy and stupid. they are given things to shelve (to me, a clear violation of union rules), they shelve them all wrong and we have to fix the mess. also, the director allows them to walk in and out of the backrooms where we keep our purses in our unlocked lockers as if they were goddamn staff. they should NOT be in the back room and several of us have complained yet the director must be everyone else's Buddy, so she won't tell them not to use the back rooms to store their massive book bags, stinky sports footwear and other fucking crap. then the kids act like they are doing US the favor. they leave well before they are supposed to, yet write down that they worked far longer. they usually get caught because one thing the director does do is watch the clock. one kid was supposed to be shelving videos but spent the time sitting and chatting with the girls and when he presented his paper that had to be signed by the director, she refused because she knew the deal. he CRIED. a 15 year old (who made himself out to be a jock) CRIED because she would not credit him for work he did not do. do we need this crap? Hell no!

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