Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jones Halloween Soda

i saw these little teeny cans of Jones Soda in Target and i though it would be fun to bring a couple of six-packs to work, but they are sold in four-packs and i did not think they were worth the cost...i think it was $1.49. i didn't even buy any for myself, but now i am thinking that i would really like to try the Candy Corn flavor. shit, i'll eat, wear, buy or sleep with anything that has a Halloween theme going on. i do show restraint, though, not having a big budget to work with. so, i didn't think these were worth it at the time. i've also tried Jones Soda at Panera and the soda really sucked. i have tried watermelon and something else and both were really nasty, so maybe i am missing nothing.
so, here i am on a sunday, gray and dreary as it is, with nothing better to do than blog about some soda. i did manage to read a book...4,000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison...which really made American prisons look like the Trump Plaza (or atleast, a Holiday Inn). but other than talking with my husband this morning, i have completed nothing and there are a few things i would like to get done. i am also having major cravings for Papa Gino's pizza but i don't think i want to get dressed and go out on my day off-off. (a day off-off is a day with no work and no visit.)
i am also amazed that it wil be one year blogging here come the 9th of October. and just to let you know, we wil have a friday the 13th this month so be prepared!

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